Arson Unit

The Arson Unit is responsible for the prosecution of a variety of criminal offenses that meet the general definition of arson. These include purposely starting a fire or causing an explosion that endangers life or property or for the purpose of collecting insurance, arson for hire and failure to report or control a fire. In addition to prosecution, the unit also provides a broad range of investigative assistance to local law enforcement agencies including in-depth fire scene investigation, legal support for subpoenas, court orders and search warrants as well as conducting witness and suspect interviews.

The unit is comprised of detectives and an assistant prosecutor. The investigative staff is available 24 hours a day to local police and fire departments to conduct investigations of fatal fires, major fires and fires of undetermined cause or origin. The detectives assigned to this unit meet or exceed the qualifications of NFPA 1033, the Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators.

Mercer County is the only prosecutor’s office in the state to have two fire investigators certified by the International Association of Arson Investigators.

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